Gavotte from "Divertissements de Campagne"
by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier.

Irenie Melin-Gompper, Baroque Dance;
Vicki Melin, traverso; Adam Cockerham, theorbo;
Hallie Pridham, viola da gamba;
Susie Fong, harpsichord.

Most Recent Concerts:

Music of Arcadia: Pastoral and Courtly Diversions of 18thc. France performed at the Berkeley Festival and Exhibition, June 5-12, 2016
With a program of poignant Airs de Cour, the cantata “Ariane et Bacchus” by Michel Pignolet Monteclair, virtuosic solos and instrumental dance suites pastorally inspired, Nash Baroque returned to Berkeley Fringe, to present a varied program of 18thc. “Music of Arcadia.” Mezzo Soprano Danielle Sampson was joined by Vicki Melin, traverso; Hallie Pridham, viola da gamba; Adam Cockerham, theorbo; Susie Fong, harpsichord, and Irenie Melin-Gompper, Baroque Dance for this diverting lunchtime concert.
    "Le Rossignol en Amour"  -  Francois Couperin

Vicki Melin, traverso;
Adam Cockerham, theorbo

Hallie Pridham           Adam Cockerham      Danielle Sampson            Vicki Melin                  Susie Fong